3.8 Glossary - Connectors

Have a look at this glossary of different linking words. Are we missing any? If so you can add to the glossary.

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while² /waɪl/

introduces an idea that is surprising compared to another that has just been mentioned

  • While there have always been differences in the types of work men and women have done, the trend in modern times is for both sexes to have greater freedom of choice in terms of employment.

Usage: More common in formal contexts. In less formal contexts (especially spoken ones) the synonym but is often used instead. While and whilst have exactly the same meanings.


while¹ /waɪl/

says that something happened at the same time as another thing

  • While I was at school, the government made a lot of changes to the education system.

Usage: Used in both formal and informal contexts. While and whilst have exactly the same meanings.