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lay off staff

lay off staff /ˈleɪjɒfˈstaːf/

for a company to stop giving work to its workers because there is not enough available

  • Hundreds of staff from the factory have been laid off.

levy a tax

levy a tax /ˈleviəˈtæks/

describes the action of officially putting a tax on something (formal)

  • In order to develop the infrastructure in my country our government should levy more taxes on multinational companies.

live up to expectations

live up to expectations /ˈlɪˈvʌpˈtuːekspekˈteɪʃənz/

for something to be as good or satisfying as you believe or are made to believe

  • The film was no way as good as the critics made out. It really failed to live up to my expectations!

look forward to

look forward to (something) /ˈlʊkˈfɔːrədtuː/

to have an appointment or event planned in the future which you are excited about because you think it will be enjoyable

  • I'm really looking forward to going out on Saturday.