4.8 Glossary - IELTS Collocations

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overwhelming majority

overwhelming majority /ˈəʊvəwelmɪŋməˈdʒɒrɪti/

a very large majority of people

  • The overwhelming majority of people are in favour of the government having peace talks with the rebels.


pose a threat

pose a threat /pəʊzəˈθret/

describes something that represents some kind of danger to somebody or something

  • Nuclear weapons pose a threat to the whole world.

pre-emptive strike

pre-emptive strike /ˈpriːemptɪvˈstraɪk/

An attack made to prevent the enemy from attacking you or action you take now to avoid unfavourable circumstances happening to you in the future

  • The Prime Minister has suggested launching pre-emptive strikes against militants in the region.

provoke an outcry

provoke an outcry /prəˈvəʊkənˈaʊtcraɪ/

to cause a angry reaction from a person or group of people

  • The government's decision to raise taxes provoked an outcry.

put down a deposit

put down a deposit /pʊtˈdaʊnədəˈpɒzɪt/

to pay part of a fee for something in advance

  • People are being encouraged to put down deposits on new homes, thanks to low interest rates.


rampant inflation

rampant inflation /ˈræmpəntinˈfleɪʃən/

Inflation that is rising dramatically and is out of control

  • Despite desperate attempts to control the country's rampant inflation, the value of the currency continues to plummet.

renewable energy

renewable energy /rɪˈnjuːəbəlˈenədʒi/

energy which comes from a source that does not run out

  • To solve the problem of climate change, I think more governments should invest in renewable energy.

rising unemployment

rising unemployment /ˈraɪzɪŋʌnemˈplɔɪmənt/

the state of having more and more people who do not have a job

  • The government have been heavily criticised for the country's rising unemployment rates.

rough idea

rough idea /ˈrʌfaiˈdɪə/

Having a general idea about something, but not being sure of some of the details about it

  • I have a rough idea of what I want to study at university, something relating to business probably, but I am not exactly sure what course.

run-down areas

run-down areas /ˈrʌndaʊnˈeəriəz/

poor areas of a city which have not been looked after by the local government very well

  • It's a good idea to avoid the outskirts of the city, as there are several run-down areas with high crime rates.

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