4.8 Glossary - IELTS Collocations

Take a look at our glossary of useful IELTS collocations. If you like you can add some collocations yourself. Just click on 'add an entry' then write the collocation, a definition and a sample sentence. We will add audio and phonetics for you.

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take up a new post

take up a new post /ˈteɪˈkʌpəˈnjuːˈpəʊst/

to start a new job

  • My application for Director of Studies was successful and I will take up the new post next week.

thirst for knowledge

thirst for knowledge /ˈθɜːstfəˈnɒlɪdʒ/

to show great enthusiasm for learning new things

  • Her thirst for knowledge led her to succeed at university and after become a professor.

thoroughly enjoy

thoroughly enjoy /ˈθʌrəliˈendʒɔɪ/


to really enjoy something

  • We thoroughly enjoyed the theatre performance last night.


undergo a change

undergo a change /ˈʌndəɡəʊəˈtʃeɪndʒ/

describes the process of something changing (also undergo a transformation)

  • Children undergo a complete transformation when they become teenagers.


widespread belief

widespread belief /ˈwaɪdspredbɪˈliːf/

an idea or opinion that many people have

  • There is widespread belief that the government will raise taxes next week.

wildly inaccurate

wildly inaccurate /ˈwaɪldliɪnˈækjərət/

not at all correct or accurate

  • His predictions turned out to be wildly inaccurate.


yawning gap

yawning gap /ˈjɔːnɪŋˈɡæp/

a very large difference in two things

  • There exists nowadays a yawning gap between rich and poor.

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