4.8 Glossary - IELTS Collocations

Take a look at our glossary of useful IELTS collocations. If you like you can add some collocations yourself. Just click on 'add an entry' then write the collocation, a definition and a sample sentence. We will add audio and phonetics for you.

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abject poverty

abject poverty /ˈæbdʒektˈpɒvəti/

describes living in such poor conditions and being so poor that you have little hope or happiness

  • It is completely unacceptable that in today's world millions of people are living in abject poverty.

absolutely vital

absolutely vital /ˈæbsəluːtliˈvaɪtəl/

extremely important; essential

  • It's absolutely vital that the government acts now to prevent climate change, otherwise it will be too late.

address a problem

address a problem /əˈdresəˈprɒbləm/

take action in order to solve or overcome a problem

  • More needs to be done to the address the problems caused by students arriving late to classes.

adhere to standards

adhere to standards /ədˈhɪətəˈstændədz/

a formal way to describe something meeting the required standards set by a person, organisation etc.

  • The rules are in place to ensure that employees adhere to our high standards

antisocial behaviour

antisocial behaviour /ˌæntiˈsəʊʃəlbəˈheɪvjə/

actions or behaviour which causes distress or annoyance to other people

  • The police need to do more to tackle antisocial behaviour in this town.