4.8 Glossary - IELTS Collocations

Take a look at our glossary of useful IELTS collocations. If you like you can add some collocations yourself. Just click on 'add an entry' then write the collocation, a definition and a sample sentence. We will add audio and phonetics for you.

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make a commitment

make a commitment /ˈmeɪkəkəˈmɪtmənt/

to decide you will make a big effort towards doing or completing something

  • He has really been making a strong commitment towards his studies at the moment.

make a living

make a living /ˈmeɪkəˈlɪviŋ/

earn enough money from a job to live off

  •  The pay in my job is not great but it's enough to make a living.

make a proposal

make a proposal /ˈmeɪkəprəˈpəʊzəl/


to make a formal suggestion about something

  • The council have made a proposal to build a new supermarket on the edge of town.

make a stand against something

make a stand against something /ˈmeɪkəˈstændəˈɡeɪnstˈsʌmθɪŋ/

to protest about something

  • We must make a stand against the proposal to build a new supermarket. It will bring too much traffic to the area.

marked improvement

marked improvement /ˈmaːkt imˈpruːvmənt/

a noticeable improvement of something

  • His latest essay shows a marked improvement on his previous ones.

miscarriage of justice

miscarriage of justice /ˈmɪskærɪdʒəvˈdʒʌstɪs/

describes somebody being found guilty in a court of law when really they are innocent

  • After the guilty verdict, the defendant and his supporters claimed a miscarriage of justice had taken place.

modest increase

modest increase /ˈmɒdɪstˈɪnkriːs/

a small increase in something

  • We have had a modest increase in the number of students enrolling on our courses.

mounting concern

mounting concern /ˈmaʊntɪŋkənˈsɜːn/

increasing worry about something or someone

  • There is mounting concern for the safety of the fishermen, who have been missing for several days now.