16.2 Article - Filling in the answer sheet

Key points

In listening, you will in the answer sheet AFTER the listening test has finished.

During the test, you write your answers on the listening paper.

  • You have TEN minutes to transfer your answers onto the answer paper.
  • You must use a pencil to transfer your answers.
  • You must write your full name in CAPITAL letters. The centre number will already be completed for you.
  • Indicate your candidate and the date by shading the appropriate boxes. Your candidate number will be given to you before the test and will be displayed on a piece of paper on the desk you sit at during the exam.
  • Write your answers next to each question number. If you want to change you can either erase the answer and write it again, or put a line through the answer and write it again.
  • Remember you must stop writing after ten minutes.
  • You will have time to check the spelling of your answers carefully.

Here is an example of a well-completed answer sheet:

Answer sheet 1

  • It is completed in pencil and the required sections are completed.
  • There is good spelling throughout.
  • Only one answer has not been completed (remember you can always guess)
  • Corrections have been made by crossing through the wrong answer and writing again.

Here is an example of a badly-completed answer sheet:

Answer sheet 2

  • The candidate number is not complete
  • The full name is not given and capitals have not been used
  • The year has not been marked
  • The candidate has written in the margin for markers
  • Several answers are not completed
  • There are a number of spelling mistakes
  • There are grammar mistakes (e.g. making uncountable nouns plural)
  • They have written two answers in places, and not crossed out the answer they want to change
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