2.2 Article - Making notes in part 2

Let's consider the question we just practiced making notes for:

Describe a memorable journey you have made

You should say:

  • where you were going
  • how you were travelling
  • why you were making the journey

and explain what made the journey so memorable

We have highlighted the key words above but in the exam you cannot write on the task card.

The topic is a memorable journey and you need to say where, how, why and what was memorable about it. These four things should be the things you make notes about to ensure you stay focused on the task.

Here is one way you could organise your notes:

Memorable journey

1. Where

Beach, La Guajira desert in Colombia

2. How


3. Why

Travelling, holiday with friends, guidebook

4. Memorable

Scenery of desert, local indigenous people

Some people like to make mind maps:

Mind map

Other people prefer to just write key words without headings:


La Guajira Colombia





local people

All of these notes have in common one thing:

  • They address all of the key words we identified on the task card.

Look back at the notes you made in the previous activity.

  • Did you address all four areas?
  • Could you improve your notes?
  • Which of the examples above do you think is the best way of organising your notes?
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