3.6 Giving extended answers

Read and complete the activities in the presentation below:


Let's practise some pronunciation now. 

We often make one word in a phrase or sentence strong to emphasise something.

In the example below, putting the main stress in the sentence on the word 'necessarily' helps to emphasise that we are taking a balanced position in relation to the question.

  • Is watching TV a waste of time?

I don't think watching television is necesSARily a waste of time

Practise saying this sentence as in the example: 

In the following answer to the question, putting the sentence stress on 'can' again helps to emphasise that the speaking is taking a balanced position.

  • Are cities good places to live?

I think cities CAN be good places to live.

Practise saying this sentence with the main stress on 'can' as in the example:

We often stress adverbs to add emphasis to our meaning:

"I think gift giving is exTREMely important...

and this unDOUBTedly helps the economy"

Practise saying these sentences with the same sentence stress:

Notice how the negative modal verb 'shouldn't' and 'obliged' are said very strongly to add emphasis to the meaning:

"I don't see why rich countries SHOULDn't help poor countries. I think they should be oBLIGED to do so."

Try recording yourself saying the above using the same sentence stress pattern:

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